1. A booking form must be completed and signed by the person responsible for payment of the hire.  They must be 18 years of age.

2. No smoking is allowed in any part of the building.

3. The person(s) or organisation granted hire facilities will be held responsible for any damage or breakage incurred during the course of hiring.  The full cost of any damage to the premises or equipment will be charged to the hirer.

4. Please ensure that you take care of your own personal possessions.  The Management Committee accept not responsibility for theft or loss of articles or equipment etc. brought on to the premises.

5. The hirer must ensure that no nuisance or commotion is committed in the vicinity of the Village Hall and observe the conditions of the premises licence.  The premises must not be used for any illegal purposes or for any purpose that might offend public taste.  The event organiser is responsible for the prevention of any activity that may endanger public safety, for example preventing disorderly behaviour, overcrowding and ensuring that health and safety requirements are observed.

6. It is It is a requirement of this booking that you familiarise yourself with the statutory fire safety procedures (including location of fire alarms, emergency exits, fire safety equipment and congregation points away from the building) for this hall; these are on display. Ensure that you assume responsibility for making members of your group aware of these procedures. Please do not block gangways or exit doors. Please note that there is no public telephone located in this building. A fire safety diagram is on display in the main hall and the back corridor noticeboard.  Please ensure you and your group members are familiar with the procedures.

7. The hirer is responsible for obtaining licenses where bar facilities are required and for ensuring that the licensing laws are strictly observed. In Community Centres where the bar area is separate from the kitchen area, an additional charge may be made for the use of this area.

8. The hirer must ensure that any food prepared or taken onto the premises has been properly prepared, stored and served using guidelines set by Health and Safety regulations. The Management Committee, its Officers, Servants or Agents are not liable for the death or illness of any person consuming food on the premises caused otherwise than a defective standard of Hygiene in the Village Halls appropriate food preparation area.

9. The Management Committee has insured the premises for normal risk.   It should be particularly noted by the hirer that the use of the Hall and all equipment, facilities and amenities is permitted entirely at the hirer’s own risk, and the Management Committee shall not be liable for the death of, or personal injury to any user, or for consequential loss, caused otherwise than as the result of the defective condition of the Hall or it’s equipment, or of the negligence of the Management Committee, its Officers, Servants or Agents

10. The current hiring charges are those set out in the application form and these are reviewed annually. A session shall comprise of a minimum of ½ hour.  The hirer may only enter the Hall at the agreed booking time and must leave promptly at the end of the agreed booking time following the arrival of a member of staff or the Management Committee. Failure to comply will result in an additional charge being levied. Hirers will be required to leave the premises in a tidy and satisfactory condition at the end of hire.

11. An invoice will be issued 7 days before the event and full payment is required 48 hours prior to the event.

Booking Clerk:
Margaret Peet
01244 571264